Election Day

Election Observer/ Designated driver. On our way to Polling Station #1 in Steung Mean Chey early morning. 20130730-131543.jpgColleague Horng has fulfilled his citizen duty and ready to observe!20130730-131556.jpgFlatmate Morgan is with us as well!20130730-131550.jpgPeople are lining up.20130730-131615.jpgPeople upset when they were not allowed to vote. Some, allegedly not having valid  IDs, others could not find their name on the list… or their name was misspelled.20130730-131644.jpgViolence in Steung Meanchey in the afternoon. Not my photo20130730-131704.jpgmore violence in SM.

20130730-131717.jpgThe military and PM body guard unit mobilizes late on election day.

20130730-131723.jpgAnd the city’s main streets are blocked.20130730-131732.jpg… yep, seems like it. 20130730-131709.jpg


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