(next) Leader Will Be Family or CPP, Hun Sen Says

The Cambodia Daily is an as independent newspaper you can find in Cambodia, with critical articles of most things. However, as it primarily comes in Engslish, and isn’t available (in 2012!) online, the distribution is obviously limited…

Anyhow, below follows first part of an article from Friday 4, today… it give a pretty good picture of the local perception of democracy, leaders, opposition parties,,, and this is just an example.

(The Cambodia Daily) Firing bakc at his critics and likening himself to a devada, an angel in the Buddhist pantheon, PM Hun Sen yesterday said that his future replacement and the next leader of the country would either come from his immediate family or an existing member of the ruling CCP’s top brass.

Speaking at an inaguration ceremony for the Bokor Mountain Resort in Kampot province, Mr. Hun Sen said that he was reacting to comments – made by unnamed “oppsosition parties” – that he ought to be replaced in the same way a New Year’s devada is changed every year.

The CPP logo prominently features a devada distributing flowers while encircled by bundles of rice stalks.

In response to the alleged remarks by the opposition, Mr. Hun Sen said that it was not yet time for the opposition to take chare of the country and that anyone who dared insult him would be “struck by lightning”.

“I would like to reply,” Mr. Hun Sen said

“If there is a replacement of the devada, the replacement must be someone from the devada’s family. If devada Sen is gone, there is also devada Kheng, devada Yan… and so on down the line,” the prime minister said.



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