Assange: People are apathetic because they are powerless, not powerless because they are apathetic

Julian Asante is talking about Wikileaks and the pressure on him as a person and as the ‘founder’ of the organization, now with a global recognition in both good and bad ways.

Is the digital activist world robust enough to survive legislation attacks by the world’s superpowers?

The legislative attacks are not the big problem, either for the internet or for the communications revolution – which has given us such ability to understand the world by learning through the experiences of other people. Rather, the problem is the huge expansion by state intelligence agencies, which are now monitoring nearly every border and nearly every internet traffic flow.

For example, companies around the world are selling equipment to states for $10 million per year, to record every single telephone call, email and SMS going in and out of a country. Billions of hours of telephone calls – and not to just look at them and then perhaps discard them, but to record that information permanently.

Read the full article at new internationalist.



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