Photo of today – mental picture

Wednesday. I was just about to leave my new apartment for a farewell dinner with a former room mate when my new, Russian, landlord knocks on my door informing me that she has got an extra fridge for the apartment – more precisely for my room: “it’s good to have, easy to eat no need to go out”. When the fridge is installed in my room under the set of mirrors in my room she asks if I want some Russian delicacies,,, “fish egg you know? very good”… I went downstairs and was served red caviar (imported two days earlier by her friends) with pancakes: apparently that’s how you eat it. A little bit later, and a lot of caviar and pancakes later, I’m arriving a little late to my old apartment where the farewell dinner starts off with a French delicacy, duck liver 😉 Not too bad of an evening


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