The missing text…

There’s been a lot of photos on Back to Cambodia / the last couple of months in comparance to qualitative lines of written text; thought it was time to level it a bit,,,

There’s been lots going on lately – as always I guess – but certainly sometimes you barely find time to do just what you have to. Not to say that I am, or have been, unhappy in any way, quite the opposite. Work is good, friends are many, and new experiences are awaiting each and every day,,, if only time was plenty it would be perfect, or would it. I’m certain that enough time to do ‘everything’ would result in not appreciating much, or anything. Not having time for everything makes me happy for what i do do.

some updates without photos…
update1, I’ve just extended my contract in Cambodia with Forum Syd. I will stay for the rest of this programme period, which stretches till the end of next year. I will thereby take part, both actively and in a sense of learning, when the programme document for the next three year period is developed; I’m looking forward to that even though it will demand a lot of desk work.

update2, I’m presently in Sanur, Bali where i will attend a training course on programme and project management. Not sure yet what it will give and what the quality will be but my expectations are quite high.

Funny thing happened on my way to the airport the other day going here. One of the tuk-tuk drivers outside my apartment said good morning just as usual and asked where I wanted to go – all as usual – and just as usual I said no thanks (I usually walk or drive my own moto). “Sir! Where are you going today?” he shouted after me on my way to the nearby Khmer restaurant where I not seldom go for a rice and pork breakfast. I answered, not with the usual “to work” but “to Bali”. A second of silence passed as if he was thinking what to say next, and then “ok Sir! You need tuk tuk?”. We didn’t carry the supposed flying tuk tuk conversation any further.

I’m just home after my second half day trip on the island and I think I’m beginning to close in on the phrase “been there, done that”, or “been here, done this”; don’t have the tshirt thou. I guess if you’re not a big surfer fan or into the totally drunken beach bar scene combined with going around from one tourist spot – by spot I really mean they tell, or show, where you should stand to take the best photo of this very nice view – to the next,,, or a fat ‘not-naming-any-nationalities’ on holiday or honeymoon,,, I’m pretty sure Bali is not for you. I’m happy I’m here for the training and not just holiday.
For those of you remembering my rather pessimistic review of Saigon a few months back, I think I’ll have to give that city, and the country, another chance.

Tomorrow will be a quiet day, somewhere with fresh fruit juices and the new book on Cambodia I just started. A week later I’m returning to Phnom Penh for a week of work before my beloved parents arrive on December 17. That’ll be fun! Hope you’re ready 😉

Over and out,


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