Where is that democracy for which we fought?

Here is an article by World News’ Dallas Darling worth reading and thinking of…

Before dismissing either protests as acts of random violence or senseless killing, the failure to consider the political and economic context of any behavior is a serious psychological and sociological crime. Both Buda and Italian Occupy Wall Street protesters confronted and challenged hostile neo-liberal governments and corporate institutions that were not only responsible for exploiting and oppressing the working classes and the poor, but that were guilty of committing mass murder by legalizing killing through wars and military institutions. At the same time, intolerable and demeaning injustices, like mass unemployment, numerous work-place injuries, inadequate healthcare, a lack of educational opportunities, extremely limited freedoms and civil rights, economic disparity, and state-sponsored and corporate violence against self-governing popular movements, make some believe they have no other recourse than to commit extreme acts for the good of all. Read the full article here >>

… and one with a bit of a different nuance here >>

Rome is counting the cost of its worst violence in years, which erupted on a day of global protests over austerity and banking practices.

The city’s mayor says damage costing more than 1m euros (¬£877,000) was caused when hooded protesters torched cars and attacked banks and a church.

Mayor Gianni Alemanno described those responsible as “animals”.

… and yet one more here >>

Could this be the peak for loosely organized protesters, united less by a common cause than by revulsion to what they consider unbridled corporate greed? Or are they just getting started?



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