Flooding in Cambodia

Below are two photos from NASA Earth Observatory where you can see the difference in water levels in Cambodia and parts of Thailand in October 2010 and 2011; the difference is more then enough to give a picture of what impact the recent flooding – what is said to be the worst in decades – can, and probably will have, on Cambodia and the region.

So far we haven’t seen much here in the capital but one of my roommates came home from work today saying that her colleagues recommended buying some extra water since the city might be flooded in a day or two, all depending on the downfall in the next coming days of course. Said and done, we bought two big jugs of water instead of one and a box of noodles which should be enough for a few days trapped in tho house… Even though we don’t think that will be necessary.

Next week I’m supposed to head to Bangkok for a regional conference on climate change adaptation; today’s news from Thailand brought by BBC gave the following headline: Key Thai business park evacuated. As far as I’ve found everyone says that ‘key strategic points’ – the capital city Bangkok i guess – will be looked after and are not in danger… but who knows if the recently elected PM of Thailand will be wrong… PMs have been wrong before, haven’t they? Let’s hope it doesn’t go that far so that the conference can be held as planned, so that another of my tries to cross the Thai border won’t fail and, most importantly, so that life’s and people’s healt aren’t dangered more than they already are.


October 8, 2010

October 11, 2011

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