The Maspero killings and the shit we don’t want to face but will have to eventually

[The Traveller Within] Since Jan25, I have seldom felt as down as i did in the past two days, after a peaceful march in Cairo on the evening of October 9th ended in blood and mayhem, leaving 23 civilians dead and hundreds of injured.

How it happened? My guess: the Army underestimated the resolve of the protesters + took for granted that they’d be easy to disperse or would bend to light violence. They didn’t; the soldiers freaked out and went crazy, literally running people over. So not premeditated per se, only insofar that they thought they had a soft target ahead they could manhandle all they wanted.

That the protesters were mostly christian is still tangential to my story, but i’ll get to it very quickly.

Now a lot of us managed to see through the dust and realize that this was a people-vs-state, revolution-vs-status quo fight. And it absolutely is. Revolution continues. The public discourse in the local media is also by and large followed suit; editorials about “Egypt is bleeding” and variations thereof abound and help drive the point.

But go outside the circles of activists (and of our Twittersphere) and you’ll realise that unfortunately not everyone is getting past the easier Muslim-Christian dichotomy.
Two (three, rather) main reasons for that:

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