Today’s the first of October and I’m thereby entering my tenth month as a resident in Cambodia and Phnom Penh; strange but yet so normal. A year ago, just after injuring my right thumb at the 200 year anniversary of Munich’s Octoberfest, I would never have been able to foreseen that this is where I was going to be just 12 months later; not in any way a disappointing turnout.

The last three quarters in Cambodia have given me alot, not just working experience I the field of development cooperation, programme and project management, climate change and furthered understanding on the situation of democracy and human rights in Cambodia, and everything that comes with working at Forum Syd, but it has also given me a ton of life experience on living in another country and making it my home; a place to lead a good everyday life.

When I was here my first time – through YPD, the cultural exchange program – I gained alot of experience and insights on how to live a Cambodian life, and thus it was great in many ways I couldn’t fully be myself, do what I wanted all the time or go wherever I wanted, I was trapped, or protected, and guided by, within the program; this time I’m not.

One year ago I could’ve never anticipated my present situation, so, what situation one year from now is it that I cannot see. The future might sometimes seem scary, frightening or even dangerous and make one doubt, question oneself or choices that was made, or, come in form of stress due to the impossibility of knowing where we’re going… I’m doing my best to keep my mind here and now, doing what feels right and makes me happy; that way I’m almost certain that the future will be kind to me, and;

I see my path but I don’t know where it leads, not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.

R. W. Emerson

Who knows where anyone will be in a year… no-one. As for right now I hope that I can attend (in terms of money and time) yesterday’s invitation to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil… That would be something to remember! Until then I’ll start the future with a swim.



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