JCCI Phase II, Workshop 5 – Stakeholder Cooperation

The sixth JCCI workshop – Stakeholder Cooperation: A Rights Based Approach Investigation Into Power, Responsibilities, and Climate Change Resilience Building – was held between the 22nd and the 25th of August in Chambok village, Kampong Speu province. As in workshop 2, participants were guided through a process of how to engage in a multi-stakeholder rights-based approach by participatory methods providing the output of what needs to be done, which thereafter was carried out and practiced in workshop 3 and 4. Building on this it was now time for participants to go through a process of understanding, and practicing, how to get it done in a cooperative manner with multiple stakeholders, i.e. finding what roles are needed for a specific project and identifying who best fills that role.

After one and a half day of preparations, people from the local village Pechan Tong were invited to the workshop venue in Chambok in order to work on hazard statements and root problem causes identified in workshop 3, and, trying to find creative solutions to them. The process was on the fourth day also done with stakeholders in the area, whereafter all, rights-holders and duty-bearers together performed a joint stakeholder review analysis on how the identified problems and solutions can be integrated and adopted into programme and project designs.

We are now more than half way through the series of JCCI workshops with only two remaining. Partner participants are continuing to make significant progress and their climate change adaptation capacity is growing steady. There are still challenges to be met and Advisors are working hard on mentoring and coaching in order to support partners to the fullest.

/Johannes Nilsson


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