This Sunday me and my roommate (last picture) went to Ta Mao (I think) wild life sanctuary, something like a zoo, to see what that was like in Cambodia. It was not as bad as I would have thought even though some of the bears’ cages were way too small.

There were lots of birds, lions (I have no idea what they do here thou…), elephants, mountain goats(?), pythons and otters.


Before heading home and out of the zoo-area my moto turned out to have a flat tire… luckily there was a ‘fix-a-flat-tire-guy’ nearby! All done for just 5000r (about 7-8 SEK), should probably have paid him more…

Before reaching the national road we made a quick stop at the local pagoda beautiful situated on a hilltop where big parts of the wild life sanctuary could be seen from. I’m aware that the picture don’t fully resemble the great view it actually was… you just have to go there.

As always we were greeted, followed and surrounded by the local kids… more than eager to show us around… for a few riels.

It was a really really nice day trip to Ta Mao but on the way home it was actually a bit cold since we hit a bit of rain. A short stop for a cup of coffee cured this and we could continue. Home again our great balcony welcomed and invited us for rest before the day was ended at Mount Everest, Indian restaurant.




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