Forum Syd Partner Comfrel Receives Premier Asian Award

The Executive Director of the Forum Syd partner COMFREL (Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia), Mr. KOUL Panha, is being recognized for his work by the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation (RMAF).

Comfrel website here


The RMAF awards ceremony is taking place on 31 August 2011 in Manila, the Philippines. The ceremony is a forum to acknowledge the tireless efforts of Mr. Panha to build COMFREL’s capacity to bring free and fair elections to the Cambodian people.

On hearing the news about the award Mr. Panha said, “Although I am the beneficiary of this award, I owe this achievement to the staff, networks, board members, COMFREL who work hard every day, and partners support the activities.”

Mr. Panha’s leadership has made COMFREL the foremost independent authority on Cambodia’s electoral issues.

In addition to attending the award ceremony Mr. Panha will also be delivering a public lecture, the topic on “Creating Part for Sustainable Citizen Vigilance in a Young Democracy” from 1-2 September, 2011 at the Ramon Magsaysay Centre in Manila.

Forum Syd Southeast Asia are proud and happy to have COMFREL and Mr. Panha as a partner and wish him and all staff success with their work in the future.


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