… at the National Assembly

Today, July 27, I was invited to a workshop/ seminar at the National Assembly (the parliament) in Phnom Penh as part of the Cambodian civil society with a focus on climate change and environmental related issues. After registration and opening remarks by the Assembly’s president, a series of presentations from both local scientists and civil society followed; all within the theme of Economy and Climate Change in the ASEAN countries.

The idea was to promote climate and energy technologies, and activities, to provide information for members of parliament. There was also a marketplace where companies and NGOs could demonstrate their work in regard to renewable energy and climate change matters, all so that attendees could get first hand information at the same time as NGOs and companies had a chance to promote their work.

For me this meant talking to people about the JCCI (the Joint Climate Change Initiative, more info in Swedish here) and handing out some of the leaflets I’d brought. Perhaps this wasn’t the premier arena to promote our project of capacity building of local NGOs with a focus on climate change adaptation, mitigation and resilience but it just might have done something.

This was the first time for me inside the walls of the (supposed) stronghold of Cambodian democracy. It was a good experience and I hope to find another reason to go there some time again. However, until next time, I hope they’ve upgraded to ‘genuine copies’ of a certain operating system that rarely works… or just switched to a mac.





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