Cambodian Climate

Below is a brief chart on the climate fore the 11th latitude where the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, and my present home, is situated.
First, have a look at the red and blue graphs, showing maximum and minimum temperatures throughout the year. As we’re presently approaching August, it’s clear that we’re also entering the “coldest” period of the Cambodian year; “winter” with temperatures between 22 and 30 degrees celcius isn’t too bad though…
Second, the two green curves are showing the number of wet days (days with more than 0.1mm of percipation) and days with rainfall. Even though we haven’t yet reached the peak of the raining season there is already an considerable amount of wet annoyance pouring down more or less every day… usually just when you step outside, or are stuck in a traffic jam…
Third, the yellow line shows the hours of sunlight – not as bad as the dark Swedish winter but pretty close. However, 4-5 hours of sunlight in Phnom Penh does not equal 19-20 hours of dark cold night as it does in northern Scandinavia since here.
Finally, the relative humidity (a poor mesure for comparative purposes since it’s relative… but thats what I got) will peak in one to two months. Soon, I guess I wont be able to step out of the office during lunch time without feeling like I just had a swim. In summary, it’s a hard life in Cambodia.

Cambodia Climate graph contributed by

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