I know I’ve said that a part of me thought it was going to be a good, however not very pleasant, experience to love in Cambodia during the raining-season… I stick to that. It is, and will probably be, a goof experience seeing what “winter” or “cold weather” and heaps of downfall are like in a climate so different from the Swedish.


Today I however wished that it could’ve rained when I was at the office instead of starting just when I was taking off to go swimming. Instead of a daily exercise I got stuck – luckily with a copy of Muhammed Yunus latest book in my bag – in one of my favorite Khmer street kitchens for about two hours before the rain had abated enough so that I could go home without risking my dear electronic gadget, i.e. my phone.

On the way home I also stumbled over a fruit-shake shop, which delicacies was later consumed on a dry balcony.


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