Back on Cambodian soil

So, after a few weeks of work related trips and a bunch of meetings but foremost of meeting family and friends in various parts of my home country, I’m back on Cambodian soil feeling home in an awesomefully strange way.

The trip back that in itself wasn’t much of a story however included a see off, and joint travel, by the Hives – traveling economy(!) on their way to Roskilde – and a hectic transfer in Copenhagen where I just made it to the gate to catch my connecting flight to Singapore and Asia. Here, there, in Copenhagen my bag wasn’t as quick and “elbowie” as me and therefore didn’t make it… it arrived half a day later with full health. The flight to Singapore was not AS great as I had hoped even though it was a fairly pleasant journey accompanied by a swede and a norwegian moving to Sidney for school and work the coming two years. Okey food, drinks and a selection of movies, shows etc. made the eleven hours flight pretty good.

After filling out the necessary forms at the airport in Phnom Penh in order to get my bag back I was met by my good friend Rithy who took me to his family where I got my first bowls of rice with beef, vegetables and ice tea whereafter I headed to my apartment and a quick visit at the office. It’s a good thing that it is a weekend that’ll give me a few days to recover and adjust to Cambodia gmt +7.

All seems to be like before in PP and I got my bag back. I’m having two(!) new roommates and not one as I thought and sense a huge workload awaiting at work on monday together with all my great colleagues at Forum Syd. Now it’s just to wait and see what the next half year in Asia have to bring.


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